How to fireproof your body

Anyone who has ever suffered from a burn knows the importance of wearing flame retardant clothing. Ordinary clothes increase the intensity of a fire by lighting up and burning the wearer. This is why it is important to have these in your wardrobe if you work in a high risk fire zone. This includes fuel refineries, gas stations, firefighters or even commercial kitchens.

What it is made of

These clothes are made of blends of cotton and nylon treated with fire resistant agents. This type of clothing may lose its fire resisting properties over time. It can be used for longer periods if it is specifically laundered by specialists. This type is cheaper to buy.

The other type of clothing that resists flames is made of fabrics that are processed with the fire resistant agents at the molecular level. The largest component is cotton, which also makes it more comfortable to wear.This type does not need any special washing instructions and it can be washed at home.

The fire resistant agents include cotton, wool, coated nylon, leather, melamine, modacrylic and aramids.

How it works

l It fights ignition. Some variants put off the fire on the flame retardant clothing. This happens when a person moves away from the fire source.

l It gives thermal insulation that prevents the excess heat from damaging the skin.

l It does not tear or break open so the skin is not exposed.

l It does not melt on the skin.

l It burns slowly and provides an opportunity for the fire to be extinguished.

How to care for them

Fire Retardent clothes made of aramids, modacrylic and cotton can be washed under normal conditions. They may shrink, but they are still functional. They should be allowed to dry in warm and not very hot conditions to prevent excess shrinking.

They should also be washed with soft water. Hard water accumulates minerals and changes the chemical composition of the fabric. Lastly, do not use any agent with hydrogen peroxide because it will act as a fuel on your fabric.